teen pregnancy
Issues and choices relating to teen pregnancy and parenting. Are you ready to be a mother? Information is the best way to make informed decisions.

National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
NCPTP seeks to improve the well-being of children, youth, and families by reducing pregnancy among teenagers by supporting appropriate values and actions.

Teen Health
A variety of links and articles regarding teen health issues related to sexuality and sexual orientation issues for young men and women, STDs, pregnancy and sexual assault.

Teen Moms Crisis Center Listings
Access to crisis links including a national pregnancy shelter locator.

It's Your (Sex) Life
An informational health resource for teens looking for answers about safe sex and protecting themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy.

New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition
A statewide organization in NM committed to the reduction of teenage pregnancy.

AllExperts- Teen Pregnancy
Volunteers answer anybody's questions about pregnancy, the issues pregnant teens going through, and pregnant teen's options.

Care Net Pregnancy Centers in US and Canada
Provides information on abortion alternatives, free pregnancy tests, connects with local centers, teen help post abortion counseling and help for women.

Focus Adolescent Services
Resources and information on teen sexual behavior, teen pregnancy, and sexuality issues.

Teen Moms Club
Providing young mothers with a place to find support and educational resources to help them through pregnancy and parenthood.

The Pregnancy HelpDesk
Information and links on pregnancy, teen pregnancy, childbirth, dads links, and parenting.

Junior League of Jacksonville
Concentrating its resources to make an impact on our community within the areas of teen pregnancy, child safety and protections, foster care and bringing together youth and the arts. Training, education and advocacy have been the heart and soul of JL of Jacksonville throughout its 75 years of volunteer service to the community.

Intimate Thoughts From Parents, Teens and Others
A series of tapes by Elva Kesley, M.A., a counselor-turned-writer, dealing with all issues of parenting: communication, drug abuse, school violence, sex, relationships, divorce, absent parenting, teen pregnancy, runaways, dropping out of school, working parents, single parents, child abuse and neglect.

The Prevention Researcher Online
A quarterly newsletter about At-Risk Youth. Contains abstracts and references as well as full length articles on At-Risk Youth issues such as teen violence, teen pregnancy prevention, substance abuse, dating violence and eating disorders.

National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (NCPTP)
Non-profit organization with a mission to prevent teen pregnancy by supporting values and stimulating actions that are consistent with a pregnancy-free adolescence.

Teen Planet
Offers help and news on various topics including depression, suicide, drug abuse, pregnancy, and social ignorance. Includes chat, message forums, hotlines, testimonials, and information about staff counselors.

Not My kId
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the interests of youth and families who are at-risk for drug abuse, delinquency, early school withdrawal, family dysfunction, teen pregnancy, and other behavioral health problems.

Youth Australia
Dedicated to providing information to teens about issues affecting them in everyday life. Issues include bullying, homelessness, pregnancy, and suicide.

Teen Health
Topics include teen sexuality, sexual orientation, STD's, pregnancy, and sexual assault. The site is maintained by Dalhousie Medical School students.

Abuse During Teen Pregnancy - Information and resources about abuse during teen pregnancy. Fact Sheet and training tools for service providers available through the site posted by the March of Dimes.

Prevention of Battering During Teen Pregnancy Project
A March of Dimes related site with information, resources and links related to relationship abuse during teen pregnancy. Non-pregnant youth will also find information and resources through this site.